[asterisk-users] What do you use for Invoicing?

adamk at 3a.hu adamk at 3a.hu
Tue Aug 3 01:29:38 CDT 2010


On 08-02-2010 20:55, Gordon Henderson wrote:

> I generated invoices with PHP code - it uses a LaTeX template which it
> fills in the gaps, then feeds it through LaTeX and dvi2pdf to generate
> PDFs.
> Bit of a geek solution though.

well, then i must be a geek too, because i also decided to throw some 
php code together to generate PDFs from sql.  It was just quicker this 
way rather than looking and trying a buch of other software.  I'm not 
sure how other (real) softwares work but since then i'm not spending 
even a minute with invoices, it's all in crontab.


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