[asterisk-users] FAX Options

Tim Nelson tnelson at rockbochs.com
Mon Aug 2 20:38:00 CDT 2010

----- "Mark Scholten" <mark at streamservice.nl> wrote:
> Here we have the following setup, could you say if that is acceptable
> for
> you?
> Outgoing fax:
> Fax -> Linksys pap2t (sip, no t38, for settings see
> http://www.provu.co.uk/pdf/sipura/ip_faxing_sipura_linksys.pdf) ->
> asterisk
> -> sip trunk provider (this could also be some sip -> pstn solution I
> guess)
> Incoming fax:
> Sip trunk provider -> asterisk -> email
> For the incoming fax I use a separate context, below I've listed an
> example:
> exten => 1000,1,Answer
> exten =>
> 1000,2,Set(FAXFILE=/var/spool/asterisk/fax/${CALLERID(num)}_${EPOCH}_client.
> tif)
> exten => 1000,3,Set(CLID=${CALLERID(num)})
> exten => 1000,4,Set(EMAIL=email address)
> exten => 1000,5,Set(TRADENAME=tradename (used in the email))
> exten => 1000,6,Wait(3)
> exten => 1000,7,ReceiveFax(${FAXFILE})
> exten => 1000,8,Hangup

And this works for you? Fax over SIP is typically horrible with "success rates" around 50%. T.38 improves this and you may be able to bring your success rates up to the low 90%'s. That still isn't good enough for me, and I would imagine any business that relies on proper fax connectivity.

Steve Underwood has a fantastic write up of issues surrounding fax over voip at his site: http://www.soft-switch.org/foip.html


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