[asterisk-users] Yealink SIP-T22P Auto Provisioning via HTTP ?

Gavin Spurgeon gspurgeon at dageek.co.uk
Sun Nov 22 18:06:12 CST 2009

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Hi List,

I have come across the above handset a few times in the UK, They
are quite cheap over here (~£80) Not the best handset in the world but
works well enough. I have been asked to setup a central config server
for a large collection of these handsets. I know they can do Auto
provisioning via FTP/HTTP/TFTP I have got an example of the generic
Firmware .cfg file that allows you to upgrade all handsets firmwares,
All of the SIP-T22P handsets look for a file called y000000000005.cfg
@ the URL configured on the device. This was easy to find an example
of the file. via the Docs on the Yealink site and Google.
The issue is that I have not been able to find an example of the per
handset .cfg file...
Like the Cisco handsets the file should be named after the MAC address
of the handset, and should be in the same location as the
y000000000005.cfg file, I just cant find any examples...

I have also tried to E-mail Yealink support without success..

Any help/pointers/how-tos or Examples would be brilliant.

Thank You for your help and time.

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Gavin Spurgeon.
AKA Da Geek

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