[asterisk-users] programming phones

Darrick Hartman dhartman at djhsolutions.com
Thu Nov 5 18:12:03 CST 2009

Ott Rose wrote:
> I have question thats not really about astrisk but I figure you guys are 
> doing this sort of thing.
> We use Aastra 6757i phones. there is some support for XML. the question 
> is how would i go about learning to customize these phones?

Read the manual on the Aastra website.  It's actually quite 
comprehensive and not really directly related to Asterisk.  It would 
however be interesting to see examples of what other people are doing 
with the XML on Aastra's or other applications on Polycoms.  There was a 
guy at the Polycom booth during Astricon that had a very cool medical 
application using the Polycom VVX1500 phones.


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