[asterisk-users] cheap CHEAP ata

Aryan Ameri info at ameri.me
Thu Apr 23 23:11:55 CDT 2009

On Fri Apr 24 2009 14:03:14 GMT+1000 (EST) David fire <ddfire at gmail.com> wrote:
> hi i need many cheaps atas or some very cheap way to connect analogs 
> phones to asterisk
> what do you recomend? i searches and only find solutions like 40 U$D (in 
> the states, here in argentina is like 80 U$D) per phone any links or 
> something?
> thanks!
> David

ATAs are price-competitive when you are connecting a couple of analogue 
phones, but they quickly lose their advantage if you want to use many analogue 

The cheapest way to achieve what you want to achieve is to build an Asterisk 
box yourself, put in a Digium or Sangoma card and put as many FXS modules on 
the board as you require. You can usually find cards which accept daughter 
boards which mean you can even install additional FXS modules on the same card.

Aryan Ameri

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