[asterisk-users] astcanary not exiting in asterisk V1.6.1

Gerald Harshany gerh at jerryh.us
Wed Apr 15 04:25:15 CDT 2009

I only run a home-based asterisk (v1.4.18), and have never
patched it, so I'm a unfamiliar with what time frame to
expect for patches being implimented.

I just downloaded (April 14) svn asterisk V1.6.1 r188415, on
a "play" machine and noticed that when I stop asterisk, the astcanary
module does not exit - when I restart asterisk, a new copy of
astcanary also starts.

In browsing through the bugs/lists, I see where a patch to trunk
V1.6.0.7 was made (recently) due to astcanary not exiting when
asterisk dies. Is this a different scenario than just stopping
and restarting asterisk (as opposed to asterisk 'dying')?

So, I'm just wondering if it is too soon to expect the patch
for astcanary to have been applied in svn V1.6.1? Do I need
to do something?

Thanks for any reply,
Gerald Harshany
gerh at jerryh.us

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