[asterisk-users] Asterisk Now Available

Asterisk Development Team asteriskteam at digium.com
Wed Apr 1 15:55:42 CDT 2009

The Asterisk Development Team is pleased to announce the release of Asterisk Asterisk is available for immediate download at

This release resolves an issue where IMAP voicemail message retrieval and
Message Waiting Indication (MWI) would not work properly with the same mailbox
name in multiple voicemail contexts. This release also fixes a couple of issues
with RFC2833 DTMF, and corrects an issue with compiling on CentOS 64-bit

Also, this Asterisk release improves compatibility with T.38 switchovers
internally; fixes an issue with Asterisk using poll() on OSX systems when it
should not; allows chan_h323 to be built against both OpenH323 and H323Plus
libraries (while simplifying the build process); and improve behavior of
ast_answer() which was problematic for T.38 re-INVITES and other sorts of
channel operations. Additionally, other bugs have been resolved in this

For a summary of the changes in this release, please see the release summary:


For a full list of changes in this release, please see the ChangeLog:


The following list of bugs were resolved with the participation of the
community, and this release would not have been possible without your help!

* Allow H.323 Plus library to be used in addition to the OpenH323 library
- Closes issue #11261. Submitted by vhatz. Patched by jthurman.

* Make the sip_standard_port function more granular by allowing separate type
and port arguments.
- Closes issue #12761. Reported and patched by asbestoshead.

* Cause astcanary to exit if Asterisk exits abnormally and doesn't kill
- Closes issue #14538. Reported and patched by KNK.

* Remove duplicate 'k' and 'K' Dial options.
- Closes issue #14601. Reported and patched by alecdavis.

Thank you for your continued support of Asterisk!

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