[asterisk-users] Friday at 12 Noon ET, the VoIP Users Conference reminder

randulo spamsucks2005 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 28 10:11:58 CST 2008


As usual, you can get all the dial in information at

IRC is on Freenode.net #voip-users-conference join this even if you
can't call in.

Call via SIP: talkshoe at vuc.onsip.com  (thanks to OnSip.com)
Call via PSTN (724) 444-7444 DTMF 22622# 1#

or try this: 7463#22622#1 at proxy.ideasip.com (thanks to IdeaSIP.com)

or to just look up talkshoe server IP: ts.x2z.eu (thanks top me for
the DNS record)

We start about 15 minutes to the hour with an informal chat.

Join us anytime.


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