[asterisk-users] Dahdi, b410p and looping from 1 port to another

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at digium.com
Wed Nov 26 10:36:46 CST 2008

Olivier wrote:

>     (As for the question of wiring: I have no idea. Refer to the
>     documentation or to the answers of others in this thread)
> b410 manual says pins are affected this way :
> 3   Tx+ (TE)   Rx+ (NT)
> 4   Rx+(TE)    Tx+ (NT)
> 5   Rx-(TE)    Tx- (NT)
> 6   Tx- (TE)   Rx- (NT)
> I don't know if this means a straight cable is ok or not.
> If someone could shed some light ...

It should be fairly obvious from that documentation. The entire purpose
of the jumpers is to switch between NT wiring and TE wiring, and on page
18 of the manual (currently on www.digium.com) it specifically says
"This eliminates the need to use a crossover cable." Consider the light
to be shed :-)

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