[asterisk-users] Connecting AS5350XM with Asterisk

Alex Balashov abalashov at evaristesys.com
Tue Nov 25 17:10:20 CST 2008

Set up a SIP dial peer and an outbound POTS dial peer.  Bear in mind 
that the gateway shunts calls POTS->VOIP and VOIP->POTS by default, so 
you can use the same destination pattern matching for both in this 
simple scenario, but if it gets any more complicated than that, some 
degree of translation is almost certainly required.

The process can be fairly complex, but the general idea, if you have 
your TDM side set up, is:

dial-peer voice 500 voip
  description Asterisk
  destination-pattern .T
  progress_ind setup enable 3
  voice-class codec 1
  session protocol sipv2
  session target ipv4:ip.addr.of.asterisk
  session transport udp
  dtmf-relay rtp-nte
  no vad

dial-peer voice 510 pots
  description Fancy PRI - Outgoing
  destination-pattern .T
  forward-digits 10

A T I F wrote:

> Hello, everybody!
> I need help connecting my Cisco AS5350 to Asterisk.
> What i want to do is forward all outgoing calls from Asterisk server to 
> Cisco AS5350, and from Cisco 5350 to my Asterisk server, using SIP.
> How could this be done?
> Thanks in advance
> Atif Shahzad
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