[asterisk-users] Asterisk 1.6, IMAP Voicemail and externnotify

Jeffrey Phelps jphelps at mjlm.com
Mon Nov 24 09:28:52 CST 2008

I too am looking for a way to get the externnotify= script to run on poll events.

Right now, I have a script that runs as a cron job every 60 seconds, but with 150 voicemail boxes, I constantly have at least 40 or 50 instances of the script running at a time because it takes so long to run it through all the mailboxes...


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I have Asterisk sitting between the PSTN and a legacy PBX.  Asterisk is
doing some IVR work prior to forwarding calls to the PBX and it also
acts as the voice mail server for the PBX, with Asterisk configured for
IMAP storage.

When a call comes in and the caller leaves a voice mail, the VoiceMail
application calls the program configured in voicemail.conf
(externnotify=).  I use that program to create a call file which then
turns the MWI on the PBX's phones on or off.   Turning the MWI on is
fine when voicemail is left and turning the MWI off works great when the
user checks his/her voicemail using the handset.

My problem is that I want the MWI to be turned off is the user checks
his voicemail via an email client.

I'm aware of the new IMAP polling* parameters in voicemail.conf, and I
have them set.   It has become apparent to me that the only time the
externnotify script is called is when the VoiceMail[Main] application is
accessed.  It appears that the script is not called when Asterisk polls
the IMAP server to check voicemail.   Is that correct?


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