[asterisk-users] How does IMAP notify Asterisk that I've read amessage?

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Sun Nov 23 07:55:27 CST 2008

>>> On 11/22/2008 at 11:17 PM, "Barry L. Kline" <blkline at attglobal.net> wrote:
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> I have an Asterisk box sitting between the PSTN and a legacy PBX.  I
> have successfully configured Asterisk to use IMAP for voicemail and have
> written the necessary script to turn the MWI indicator (via a .call file
> to the PBX) on and off.  I have two issues still outstanding:
> 1) When the user listens to his voice mail via the phone, it will be
> announced that the caller is unknown, in spite of the fact that the
> email headers show the appropriate Callerid(num) information.  I can
> live with that, but I'll eventually need to get it fixed.
> 2) If I "listen" to the voicemail using my email client, the MWI on the
> phone is not turned off, which isn't surprising given that my script
> needs to be called to generate the .call file.  What I don't know is
> how, exactly, Asterisk is notified that I've listened to my voicemail
> via email.  Does Asterisk poll the server?  If so, where is the
> frequency of the poll set?  Can Asterisk be configured to call the
> script again when the messages are read and the MWI should be turned off?
> The docs don't say anything about this and I've not found anything in my
> googling that has given me any leads?
> I'm currently using Asterisk 1.4.22.
> Thanks for any information that you can provide.
> Barry
Regarding #2 - There is nothing in Asterisk, at this time, that is able to check the status of a attachment in a message in an external system.  AFAIK.

Sending an email is one thing.  Being able to check the status of an attachment in a specific message, in any one of a variety of systems, is, I think, asking too much.

I don't think most email systems keep track of wether or not an attachment has been read, in any case.

joe a.

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