[asterisk-users] hint priority with 50 channels

Danny Nicholas danny at debsinc.com
Fri Nov 21 12:52:46 CST 2008

Just a guess, but since extensions.conf is basically a "card file", there
may be a 80 character limit to the line or data size.

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I noticed that my hint priority stops working when I add to many
extensions/channels. It looks like everything exceeding 80 characters is

By stop working I mean the status is and stays "Unavailable".

This works
exten => *1,hint,SIP/loicvoip1_1&IAX2/loicvoip1_1&SIP/loicvoip1_1_a1

This does not work:
exten =>

I tested on several asterisk 1.4 versions like 1.4.21*.

Is this a bug or something like working as designed? Is there another
possibility to monitor a bigger number of channels?

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Loic Didelot

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