[asterisk-users] Limit the number of users in a meetmeconference?

Danny Nicholas danny at debsinc.com
Fri Nov 21 09:46:27 CST 2008

Armed with a little more information, here is a more realistic reply.
In the code, app_meetme.c defines maxusers in line 369 and sets the
max value in line 870 to 0x7fffffff.  
Therefore changing line 870 would allow you to limit the maxusers.

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Hi Dan -

>> I found the "maxusers" defined in meetme.c, but I'm
>> not sure how this value is set.  Does anybody know
>> if one can limit the number of users permitted in a
>> meetme conference?  I know there's MeetmeCount(), but
>> I'd rather avoid the dialplan logic and just set
>> maxusers instead.
> That feature is primarily used with RealTime conferences.
> The maxusers value is read from a database and enforced
> on RealTime enable conferences.  This presumes you are
> looking at 1.6.X or Trunk code...

Ah.  No realtime for me, so I guess I'll just stick with using
MeetmeCount() in the dialplan.  Thanks for the info!

- Noah

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