[asterisk-users] Large Asterisk installarions (~10, 000 extensions), preferably at universities

Noah Miller noahisaacmiller at gmail.com
Fri Nov 21 09:29:02 CST 2008

> Due diligence is required on anything 10,000 people are going to be
> pounding on. Undersizing is common,

I think due diligence is THE key with any open source solution,
including asterisk.  I'll admit that I pretty badly screwed up one
asterisk installation because I didn't adequately prepare it (shipped
it to the customer and had their IT staff install - bad plan).  And
while I've never done a system anywhere near 10K extensions, I've had
good experiences with some large-ish installations because I budgeted
in the time for research and testing.

I know that in the past there have been people on this list who have
done very large scale asterisk deployments.  Not sure if any of them
are still around to comment.

With that many extensions, I'll second using a SIP registrar like
Freeswitch or OpenSer.  Just use asterisk to provide the services.

> and is only one of the roads that
> leads to Hell (I prefer Patterson Lake Road myself since I drive in from
> the North East).

Hmm.  You must live near Ann Arbor.

- Noah

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