[asterisk-users] Group count not being preserved when transferring a call into a conference

Daniel Johnson dan.j at scanningsystems.com.au
Thu Nov 20 22:15:42 CST 2008


I am using Group and Group_Count to limit the number of calls to go out 
over a single peer as our channels with that peer is limited to 8.

If we dial and outside number over this peer and then transfer the call 
into a MeetMe conference the Group gets decremented when it should not? 
This is most likely an error on my behalf, however I am not sure what 
the correct solution is.

I have set the MeetMe conference up on a local extention 777.

exten => 777,1,Answer            
exten => 777,n,MeetMe(9003|rpM) 
exten => 777,n,Playback(vm-goodbye)     
exten => 777,n,Hangup

Do I need to do something in the above to preserve the Group count?

Also there have been some complaints about callee's phone line being 
tied up and connected to the conference even after they hangup? Does 
meeetme not detect hangups?
These calls have gone out over an IAX2 peer, is there something special 
I must do?


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