[asterisk-users] A way to run extenrnotify when IMAP events take place...

Philipp Kempgen philipp.kempgen at amooma.de
Thu Nov 20 17:38:29 CST 2008

Jeffrey Phelps schrieb:
> I have IMAP voicemail working with Exchange 2003 using a single username
> and password for multiple mailboxes.

> Right now, I am setting up asterisk to use voicemail with my Cisco Call
> Manager (Which I detest BTW...) and I have everything working, EXCEPT:

> I cannot get my externnotify script to run when any changes have been
> made to the VoiceMail...

> Scenario:

> Bob gets a call  -> Bob rejects call to voicemail

> Caller leaves Bob a voicemail  -> externnotify calls script which turns
> on his Cisco MWI.

> Bob checks Voicemail  ->  Bob deletes Voicemail  -> asterisk says that
> the voicemail was deleted, but doesn't run my script again to turn off
> the Cisco MWI.

> I would just like to know if there is any work around for this.
> OR.............  Maybe Someone is working on adding this into the code
> so that it works...

> I'm running * 1.6.1-beta2

afaicr I read something which might be related in doc/smdi.txt.

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