[asterisk-users] Using MAC or extension number as SIP identifier

Daniel Hazelbaker daniel at highdesertchurch.com
Thu Nov 20 10:14:19 CST 2008

It will auto-complete if you hit tab, just like the shell.  But I  
would recommend against it.  I can't really think of a good reason to  
do it.  'sip show peer 268' I can remember to see that status of  
extension 268 when somebody calls and says "I can't dial 268".   
Whereas 'sip show peer 00147...wtf was his MAC address again?', I have  
to lookup the extension somewhere and find the MAC address.

Any reason you want to use the MAC address?  If it is just for easy  
provisioning, I just put a MAC address field in the realtime SIP table  
and use a php script to take the phone's MAC address and feed it the  
login information it needs.


> Hi,
> For a long time, I was wondering if I should use MAC address instead  
> of Extension number to identify SIP endpoints (as I'm mostly not  
> using softphones).
> Before diving into this, I wondered how people using MAC address are  
> using CLI as it seems more natural and simple to type
> "sip show peer 4566"  as opposed to "sip show peer 00147F784512".
> Is there something obvious I'm missing (auto-completion ?  
> aliasing ? ...) ?
> Cheers
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