[asterisk-users] Configuring Sangoma BRI with zaptel?

Claus Herwig lists at checon.de
Tue Nov 18 09:45:28 CST 2008


there has been a post to this list somewhere arount april which said
that it is possible to use a Sangoma BRI A500 card with zaptel and
asterisk bristuff. That is, without sangoma_brid and sangoma_mgd daemons
and without woomera channels.

Could anybody give me a short hint how to configure this?

I tried wanpipe-driver + zaptel + asterisk-bristuffed, but I couldn't
get zaptel to recognize the sangoma channels.

modprobe wanpipe did load zaptel module and others but no spans appeared
in /proc/zaptel or /etc/zaptel.conf.

I tried various config options of the wanpipe setup tool, but to no avail.

genzaptelconf -d displays correct cardinfo but doesn't seem to get the

debian etch with kernel 2.6.18-5-amd64 on x86_64
sangoma a503de (PCIe 6x BRI w/ Echo Cancel)
asterisk 1.4.13-BRIstuffed-0.4.0-test4 (from pkg-voip.buildserver.net)
zaptel 1.4.7 (from pkg-voip)
wanpipe 3.3.14 (newest beta)

Same config (without wanpipe of course) works well with a digium TE220
(PCIe 2x PRI).

Any hints would be greatly appreciated as I'm banging my head about this
for some days now ;-)


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