[asterisk-users] Digium Card Noice issue

Steve Howes steve at geekinter.net
Mon Nov 17 11:04:29 CST 2008

> Hello all,


> I am facing as serious problem when running asterisk in HP server.We  
> are developing application to make the outbound calls in PRI  
> lines .We normally uses IBM machine as our servers ,and it was  
> working fine for all installation.For the cost reduction we this  
> time tried with HP server. Model(HP proliant ml110).

That is quite low end as HP servers go.

> When we make the calls the there is a lots of disturbance in the  
> sound even if we make a single calls the issue persist .I found in  
> google that these issue normally comes by the load or by the line or  
> by the IRQ .

Probably is IRQ. We have attempted to use them in the past and failed.

> As in my case i am making a single call the 1 st case wont occur  
> here.Also i tested it with one smoothly working E1 to the same card  
> and still the problem came.so I guess the problem is with IRQ.

Probably is IRQ. We have attempted to use them in the past and failed.

> But when i tried it with a normal PC with pendium 4 processor it was  
> working fine.
> My question is whether the Digium card had any hardware  
> compatibility issue with HP proliant ml110 server.Why the sound has  
> issue in HP server when it working fine in a normal pC with pendium  
> processor...??

I think you don't understand what the IRQ problem is. It does not  
relate to the penTium processor, or the general spec of the machine.  
The amount of memory/processor wont change this. Its a pretty  
intrinsic feature of the motherboard. Some allow you to change this,  
others you have to change slots. Others you have to disable onboard  
hardware and hope for the best. On a 110 we couldn't get much use out  
of it. Only one (two?) PCI slots and both shared IRQs with stuff.

> When i switched to Asterisk now it is very much ok. can any body  
> explain why it have when using with ubuntu........???



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