[asterisk-users] Hints and realtime

Julian Lyndon-Smith asterisk at dotr.com
Mon Nov 17 10:38:30 CST 2008

Is it possible to use hints from a realtime source like a db or curl ?
I was looking at the grandstream GXP2000 Expansion Module (EXT) which 
has 56 fully programmable keys that work with BLF. You can daisy-chain 2 
of these together to get 112 keys, plus the 18 on the 2010 phone to give 
130 potential blfs.

What I was wanting to do was to use the BLF as a type of agent monitor 
as well - when the agent logs in, they go green (from blank), and when 
they log out for them to go blank. I would assume that I can do this by 
adding / removing the hints from extensions.conf, and was wondering if 
it were possible to configure the hints from a realtime source.

Failing that, I could always "dialplan reload" from  the login / logout 
extensions, but that seems a little messy.


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