[asterisk-users] Caching Asterisk SIP useragent info?

Paul Hales pdhales at optusnet.com.au
Sun Nov 16 17:47:47 CST 2008

This process has been greatly improved in the latest versions of
Asterisk - might be time to upgrade.


veselin at campbell-lange.net wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm running an Asterisk 1.4.14 on a linux machine.
> Serving SIP Snom users.
> I've noticed that each time Asterisk is restarted, for the first 5-10
> minutes, the SIP users can dial but cannot be dialed until each phone
> re-registers itself against the server.
> So only after the "Saved useragent...for peer 111" line appears on the
> Asterisk console, then the 111 user can be reached. 
> What exactly is this process?
> Is it that the phones send their extension/password details to the
> server at specific intervals or does the server send a broadcast
> message, looking for phones?
> Is there any way to cache/save this SIP useragent information so in case
> the server is restarted, the user need not wait for their phone to
> re-register?
> Also I believe that it is sufficient for the user to just pickup their
> handset in order to force their phone to re-register quicker.
> However I'd like to avoid asking the users to do that.
> Thank you much.
> Veselin K
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