[asterisk-users] cisco voice gw / cisco call manager /asterisk for voice record, ivr

Litzler Mihály litzlermihaly at hh.hu
Thu Nov 13 03:25:36 CST 2008


However I'm a newbie in Asterisk/VOIP/CM I would like to make sure that this system design can work:

Cisco 2811 Voice Gateway - sip trunk1 - asterisk on linux box - síp trunk2 - Cisco Call Manager 6.0

There is also a Siemens Hicom old pbx connected with QSIG to the Voice Gateway. I would like to record all calls with mixmon going through Asterisk.

Is it possible?

Also if there is call forward/find me/call transfer etc. in Cisco CM, how can I find the change in Asterisk? I'd like collect Asterisk CDR data in SQL, as I know there is also a CDR data in CM. Is there some kind of CALL ID which is exactly the same in Asterisk and Cisco?

Thank you!


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