[asterisk-users] 1.4.22 CALLERID(num)

James Fromm fromm at omnis.com
Wed Nov 12 18:03:10 CST 2008

We have a weird thing happening with the caller id when a call is dialed
to a SIP device registered to 1.4.22.  We're preparing 1.4.22 on a
development machine for switch to live.

The callerid number displayed on the SIP device (Polycom or soft phone)
is a full SIP URL, i.e. sip:3105552121 at voip.server.com.  The name is
correct.  It happens even when one registered SIP device dials another
using the extension defined in sip.conf, i.e. 3201 calls 3213, 3213 sees
sip:3201 at voip.server.com for the number.  Again, the name is correct.

Anyone have a clue what's causing this.  Our live machine is
and it handles the name and number the good old fashioned way.  The same
call would display only the number, 3105552121, for the callerid number.


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