[asterisk-users] OT: Disable Polycom 650 Forward Softkey

Andrew Joakimsen joakimsen at gmail.com
Tue Nov 11 01:50:00 CST 2008

I am confused now. I called Polycom early October and was told to
submit a ticket for the latest firmware.

I submitted a ticket and was told to fuck off.

Dave posted a link and I can download firmware 3.1.1 from there.

The Firmware Table shows 3.1.0RevB as the newest firmware.

3.1.1. says released 10 November 2008 so I am going to assume this is
a mistake and post a copy of the firmware here incase I misplace it:
http://app5.netjdn.com/~joako/spip_ssip_3_1_1_release_sig.zip Am I
thinking aloud?

Am I the only one that noticed some problems with 3.1.0RevB? Here's my
problem, the vendor *CAN NOT* Provide a reliable download site, last
time I requested firmware it was 28th April and they took until 01 May
to get it to me. So every time I need to contact VOIP Supply, wait a
bit, follow up, wait a bit. Just not acceptable.

Hopefully the current bug on the Polycom site is never fixed. Or maybe
they finally noticed their support cost of people calling in, being
told to submit a ticket, responding to the ticket, angry customers,
people like me badmouthing them, etc cost more than just giving out
the firmware. And I strongly believe that especially the opensource
community will be more prone to purchase Polycom if updates are freely

On Mon, Oct 27, 2008 at 07:39, Dave Fullerton
<dfullertasterisk at shorelinecontainer.com> wrote:
> Tilghman Lesher wrote:
>> On Sunday 26 October 2008 21:28:34 Andrew Joakimsen wrote:
>>> Other vendors, including Cisco, will provide the firmware directly. I
>>> no longer deploy Polycom (unless someone really wants them) due to
>>> this. Yes I can get it from the supplier but it takes a few days. I
>>> would rather just go to Polycom.com and get the firmware when I want
>>> to.
>>> There is no excuse for Polycom's behaviour. I don't see what is the
>>> benefit, nor what anyone has to gain from it.
>> I believe your anger is misplaced.  I was able to get to a direct download of
>> Polycom firmware, from their homepage, within 4 clicks, with no login
>> whatsoever required.
>> http://www.polycom.com/usa/en/support/voice/soundpoint_ip/soundpoint_ip501.html
>> While Polycom at one time may have had a policy of only providing firmware
>> to distributors and resellers, that is no longer the case.  Their firmware is
>> freely available now to all comers.
> Not quite, you'll notice that the most recent version they allow you to
> download is 3.0.4. If you look at the SIP Downloads matrix, the latest
> release is actually 3.1.0RevB which is only available through your supplier.
>  From their site:
> "NOTE: At this time, end-user customers can only download previous
> software. Please work directly with the Polycom Certified VoIP Reseller
> you purchased the products from to obtain the most current and
> appropriate software."
> -Dave
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