[asterisk-users] Voicemail IMAP ./configure error

Mark Michelson mmichelson at digium.com
Mon Nov 10 16:12:24 CST 2008

c james wrote:
> Mark Michelson wrote:
>> c james wrote:
>>> I have c-client installed on a 64bit system running Gentoo.  I am trying
>>> to run configure so I can test the IMAP voicemail functionality. But
>>> asterisk-1.4.22 # ./configure --with-imap=/usr/include/imap
>>> just gives me the following error.
>>> checking for gnutls_bye in -lgnutls... no
>>> checking for UW IMAP Toolkit c-client library... no
>>> checking for system c-client library...... no
>>> configure: ***
>>> configure: *** The UW IMAP Toolkit installation on this system appears
>>> to be broken.
>>> configure: *** Either correct the installation, or run configure
>>> configure: *** including --without-imap.
>>> c-client is installed.
>>> voicemail1 asterisk-1.4.22 # equery files c-client
>>> [ Searching for packages matching c-client... ]
>>> * Contents of net-libs/c-client-2006k:
>>> /usr/include/imap/c-client.h
>>>   ... bunch of others
>>> /usr/include/imap/utf8aux.h
>>> /usr/lib64/c-client.a
>>> /usr/lib64/libc-client.a -> c-client.a
>>> /usr/lib64/libc-client.so.1.0.0
>> Interesting output there.
>> If you specify "--with-imap=/usr/src/imap" then that means that the source for 
>> the imap toolkit is located at /usr/src/imap. It appears though, that only the 
>> c-client source is located there (or perhaps just the headers), and that causes 
>> the configure script to fail. If you specify just "--with-imap" with no argument 
>> or "--with-imap=system" then the configure script will try to find the c-client 
>> library and include files in common places where distributions tend to install them.
>> I'm guessing, though, that you did not download and compile the imap toolkit 
>> yourself and that you had Gentoo do it for you. The installation directory for 
>> the headers is different than where most distros place them. Most put the 
>> c-client header files in /usr/include/c-client instead of /usr/include/imap.
>> My suggestions for possible fixes are
>> 1) Try reconfiguring with just --with-imap or with --with-imap=system instead of 
>> specifying a directory. I'm suspecting this will not work properly because of 
>> the directory where the header files are, though.
>> 2) If step 1 fails like I think it will, then try moving the .h files from 
>> /usr/include/imap to /usr/include/c-client and rerun the configure script 
>> --with-imap and see if that helps. I suspect this will work. If it does, I can 
>> modify the configure script so that we search in the imap/ directory as well as 
>> the c-client directory for header files.
>> If things still fail after those two steps, then respond with the section from 
>> the config.log file which displays the failure that occurred when searching for 
>> imap support.
>> Mark Michelson
> You are correct, c-client was installed through the Gentoo portage
> command of
> emerge c-client
> Neither of the two suggestions worked.  Here is the relevant output from
> config.log
> configure:18552: checking for UW IMAP Toolkit c-client library
> configure:18630: gcc -o conftest -g -O2
> -I/usr/src/asterisk-1.4.22/../imap-2004g/c-client  conftest.c
> /usr/src/asterisk-1.4.22/../imap-2004g/c-client/c-client.a  >&5
> gcc: /usr/src/asterisk-1.4.22/../imap-2004g/c-client/c-client.a: No such
> file or directory
> conftest.c:145:22: error: c-client.h: No such file or directory

Yuck. That check for the imap-2004g directory bugs me. It's not anything you've 
done, but a seemingly arbitrary decision that was made when the original IMAP 
support was merged. The thing is, if a working IMAP installation is not found in 
that imap-2004g directory, the configure script is supposed to be "smart" enough 
to try to switch to the system-installed c-client library instead. Was there any 
further output down below what you have shown me that mentions something like 
"Checking for system c-client library...?" If so, could you post the config.log 
output from that section?

Mark Michelson

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