[asterisk-users] 1.6 Production ready??

Sebastian Gutierrez sgutierrez at inconcertcc.com
Fri Nov 7 11:33:01 CST 2008

What Hardware? For that performance?

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Steve Totaro wrote:
> On Fri, Nov 7, 2008 at 11:50 AM, Matthew Fredrickson <creslin at digium.com 
> <mailto:creslin at digium.com>> wrote:
>     Sebastian Gutierrez wrote:
>      > Anyone is using 1.6 in production??
>      >
>      > Is it ready?
>     I have a number of people using 1.6 in production doing SS7<->SIP,
>     SS7<->IAX, and SS7<->ISDN gatewaying.
>     One example (doing SS7<->IAX):
>     System uptime: 10 weeks, 6 days, 21 hours, 35 minutes, 45 seconds
>     8617029 calls processed
>     ---
>     Matthew Fredrickson
>     Digium, Inc.
> EEEK IAX!!  Do you use IAX for a reason?  Is it because Asterisk does 
> not setup SIP calls very well?  Just curious.

The customer chose to use IAX.  It has been working very well for him.

> Impressive, but very purpose specific.  Do you only load a couple of 
> modules?

Full suite of modules, although it is not using most of them.  I did 
specifically mention in the original message that it was primarily being 
used as a gateway machine.

> I think the question was more along the lines of what Asterisk was meant 
> to be, a feature rich PBX.

Maybe.. or maybe not.  In any case, this is some specific data that 
someone can use about 1.6's performance.

Matthew Fredrickson
Digium, Inc.

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