[asterisk-users] Asterisk Realtime Configuration

Matt Riddell lists at venturevoip.com
Wed Nov 5 19:47:20 CST 2008

On 6/11/2008 2:39 p.m., Pedram M wrote:
> Matt,
> Yep, I forgot to post that here is the extensions.conf:
> [10]
> switch =>  Realtime

According to


this should be:

switch => Realtime/[context]@[family][/options]

; If context is not given, current context is default
; If family is not given, family of 'extensions' is default

Heh, just read back through your first post.

Think your problem is the family in extconfig.conf

Should be extensions not extensions.conf

I.E. extensions => odbc,asterisk

Kind Regards,

Matt Riddell

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