[asterisk-users] SPA-962 Time on Asterisk

Rob Hillis rob at hillis.dyndns.org
Tue Nov 4 11:03:44 CST 2008

Steve Anness wrote:
> Good Day,
> I have been tasked with fixing the time on our asterisk server. I am 
> having a hard time finding documentation to tell my what asterisk uses 
> to get its time information to push to phones (or a better question, 
> where does the SPA-962 get its time information)?

Asterisk does not push time to the phones. The phones themselves will 
contact an NTP server to obtain the correct time.

> Basically, I can go under the settings of the phone and change the 
> offset to set the correct hour, but it is still about 4 minutes fast. 
> So the SPA-962 has an offset option, but to offset it from what? The 
> time on the asterisk server? That isn’t right because my asterisk 
> server has the correct time. To offset from GMT? No because I am +6 
> from GMT not +2.
> I can physically set the time, but that isn’t the best solution when 
> you have many phones, shouldn’t the phone be syncing with something?
> Any thoughts? I am not finding anything conclusive.

Best practice is to configure ntpd as both a server and client on your 
Asterisk server and point your phones to it. That way your phones will 
have exactly the same time as your Asterisk server.

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