[asterisk-users] Question regarding keywords in sip.conf/users.conf

Eric "ManxPower" Wieling eric at fnords.org
Mon Nov 3 23:57:07 CST 2008

Historically Asterisk's config file parser ignored unknown keywords. 
This is useful for exactly the things you are trying to do.  I hope 1.6 
did not remove this "feature".

Rob Hillis wrote:
> Barry L. Kline wrote:
>> Hash: SHA1
>> Rob Hillis wrote:
>>> Unfortunately RealTime isn't going to be an option - it's another level 
>>> of configuration I want to avoid, but more importantly since I'm 
>>> planning on being able to run these scripts on an Astlinux install, 
>>> there won't always be a MySQL database available.  If worst comes to 
>>> worst, and the extra configuration included in sip.conf becomes a 
>>> problem, I'll move it to another text-based config file - not my 
>>> preferred option (since I'd like to keep everything close-to-hand) but 
>>> not a major problem since I'm likely to need a separate config file for 
>>> global configuration options anyway.
>> You could still store them in sip.conf, just make each line a comment.
>> e.g.:
>> ;[myentry]keyword=value
>> ;[myentry]keyword=value
>> You could then search for ;[myentry] for your keywords and strip them
>> off when you write out the real entries.
> I did think of that, but the idea of using something that's actually a 
> comment as configuration seems fraught with danger - not to mention it 
> being an awful hack.

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