[asterisk-users] Hang up detection with TDM400P and Telewest/Virgin Media line

Ed W lists at wildgooses.com
Mon Nov 3 07:56:24 CST 2008

robb wrote:
> I have a TDM400 working quite well, Digium dialled in and recompiled  
> chan_zap with some changes , to get BT Callerid working and  I have
> set hangup on polarity in the zaptel.conf which seems to work well
> this is a BT home line, not business, if you have a business line you
> should get the DCT set to 800ms and the disconnect clear should work

Would you be kind enough to share the changes you made to get callerID
working please?  Any chance of posting the relevant bits of your zap
config also?

My situation is that I have callerid working most of the time on a home
BT line.  Hangup is fairly reliably detected.  TDM400P

However, at a customers site on a bunch of business BT lines and the
same model of TDM400P we see unreliable hangups (not frequent, but
occasional times that lines are getting stuck off hook). Also callerId
is working about 50-60% of the time and when it doesn't work (or
genuinely that the callerId is witheld) there is a long pause for about
2-3 rings before Asterisk answers the zap line.  It would be desirable
to limit this pause because it makes it look like they are being slow to
answer all the calls!

Just wondering what changes you made?

Also, anyone understand why DCT is different between home and business
lines?  Can the Zap code be changed to avoid needing something tweaking
on the exchange?


Ed W
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