[asterisk-users] Question regarding keywords in sip.conf/users.conf

Rob Hillis rob at hillis.dyndns.org
Sun Nov 2 07:11:41 CST 2008

Hi guys,

I'm about to embark on a small (undoubtedly to get much larger) project 
to write a set of scripts to handle provisioning of phones - Snom to 
begin with, possibly with others (most likely Polycom and Linksys) to 
follow later.  Since I want this script to handle *all* aspects of phone 
provisioning (such as BLF buttons and so on) I need a place to store 
data.  My preference is to keep all phone related configuration in the 
one place - such as sip.conf or users.conf.  How would having additional 
keywords (most likely with a prefix of some type to reduce the 
likelihood of conflicts with real keywords) in Asterisk's .conf files 
affect Asterisk?  I would expect that Asterisk should ignore unknown 
keywords, but I'd rather check on this with those in the know first.

Any insights?

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