[asterisk-users] Registration state: Failed

Newbie newbie at pbxsoftwares.com
Fri Nov 30 20:40:15 CST 2007

Dear Support,

I am running AsteriskNow + X-Lite as my SoftPhone and SPA-3102 connected with PSTN line.

I have 3 extensions:

250 -> my extension
998 -> I configured as Line 1 in SPA-3102
999 -> I configured as PSTN Line 1 in SPA-3102

I have created 998 and 999 to the user extension list of the AsteriskNow

why I still got Registration state: Failed for both Line 1 status and PSTN Line status ?

my topology is below:

Users <--> AsteriskNow <--> SPA-3102 <--> PSTN line

Please help

Thanks  a lot in advance


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