[asterisk-users] Remote Office, Centrally Shared Voicemail

Matthew Yingling matt at xenotran.com
Fri Nov 30 12:26:33 CST 2007


I'm trying to set up a remote office with its own Asterisk Server they'll
have a dedicated land line, but we'll still want them connected to the main
office via VOIP (IAX2 via VPN).  I've tested using IAX2 to bridge between
the offices based on extensions, since the extensions we want to share are
in isolated blocks of numbers.  I'm not sure how to handle voicemail though.
I'd like to link the voicemail so that local calls to either office will
call extensions and leave voicemail with the appropriate parties.  I'd like
to avoid "Please call a new number" messages.  I have some ideas:

1.  Use central network storage for both offices - if the remote VPN goes
down, the remote office can't connect to the voicemail storage, so they
can't see old voicemail, and may lose new voicemail.

2.  Use local storage for all voicemail.  Only the local office can see or
receive voicemail.  This would require a "Please call a new number" message,
I think.

3.  Implement some sort of backup script - use local storage for each
office, then periodically sync voicemail folders over the VPN. 

Can anyone suggest an approach to this problem?


Matthew Yingling

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