[asterisk-users] IAX complaints? What are they?

Steve Totaro stotaro at first-notification.com
Fri Nov 30 06:40:28 CST 2007

randulo wrote:
> Hi,
> We all know what the principal advantage of IAX is, doing it all on a
> single port, right? But now and again I hear complaints about it. What
> specific griefs have you had with IAX and has it stopped you from
> using it entirely? Under what conditions have you had problems?
> I have used SIP and IAX for about three years now. We don't do a lot
> of traffic, but I haven't really seen a difference in quality or
> dropped calls.
> What have others on the list experienced?
> tia
> randy

I am not sure why, what versions, under what conditions, but audio 
cutting out has been seen many times.  Simply switching to SIP has 
solved these issues.  I think trunking (one of the main selling points 
of IAX due to less overhead) may be a common denominator.


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