[asterisk-users] To DB or not to DB?

Mindaugas Kezys mkezys at gmail.com
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1. No need to reload Asterisk when you change settings 
2. Changes are applied instantly
3. Easy to manage dialplan/users/settings
4. With properly programmed GUI you can give users some self-help services
5. No noticable overhead - dual xeon + 2gb ram does 400 simm. calls 
6. You can have your DB on other server, that let's you connect several
Asterisk servers to one DB - unified configuration


1. None

Mindaugas Kezys
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I lurk and comment a little on here and have been playing with * for a 
short while.

I am interested in hearing about the pros and cons for using a database 
backend to Asterisk. My current setup is simple, out of the box with 
config files in /etc/asterisk and logs etc going into /var.

I notice a great many of the contributors here seem to use a db backend 
(is this also called Real Time Asterisk?) and I'd like to know why if 
anyone cares to comment.



The way out is open!

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