[asterisk-users] Can Asterisk act like an ISP dialin server to data callls from Sipura 3000 or other ATA connected devices ?

Robert Rozman robert.rozman at comutel.si
Tue Nov 27 11:00:14 CST 2007


I have an older phone with touch screen from Philips. It have it connected
 to Sipura 3000 FXS port and majority of features work ok.

But phone also has touchscreen and web browser that I'd love to use for
 accessing my local web pages. But the phone only allows me to setup ISP
 phone number (username and password) and it wants to call it to get to 
Internet. Since it is
connected to Sipura3000, call can come to Asterisk and I'd love to somehow
"fool" that device and connect it to local web pages ?

I guess I could somehow mimic ISP "internet calling" feature on local 
Asterisk server, but have no
clue even where to start searching ...

 Any advice ?

 Thanks in advance,



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