[asterisk-users] Asterisk behind a PIX firewall?

Ugo Bellavance ugob at lubik.ca
Tue Nov 27 12:09:40 CST 2007

Steve Totaro wrote:
> Matt wrote:
>>     This is a dual NAT situation.   PIX on Asterisk side, and Netgear on
>>     phone side.  HOWEVER.    The Asterisk box has it's own IP.... but it
>>     is being tunneled through the PIX.    I guess the PIX must be
>>     messing something up?
>> If I remove the phone from  behind the Netgear... then I get the audio 
>> from the Asterisk PBX.... so traffic seems to be flowing.... but why 
>> would it not get behind the firewalls?
> Trust me on this, I have tried almost everything to get it to work, the 
> best you can hope for is one way audio in a dual NAT.

I'm in a dual-NAT situation and it works ok... with Sipura ATAs, Linksys 
941 and 841, softphones, and one polycom 330.  I had to enable NAT keep 
alive on the Linksys/Sipuras.


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