[asterisk-users] Sip to ATA?

Joe Acquisto joea at j4computers.com
Tue Nov 27 08:01:55 CST 2007

Currently running two POTS lines into an asterisk system.  Analog and SIP on premises.  Being in the sticks, the POTS service is abysmal for quality, especially in the rain.

Recently, cable has become available with VOIP phone.   The cost savings are attractive as it can replace several independent services for TV and internet (currently satellite).

But, I cannot get much out of them, regarding how the phone service works.  All I can get is I plug my existing phones and answering machines into the back of the "cable modem" and am good to go.

I am hesitant to believe that I can simply plug my TDM400P (2fxo/2fxs) into these (ATA ?) jacks and call it good.

Any insight?  Am I better off ignoring their phone offering and setting myself up with an IAX or SIP provider? (and surplus-ing the card).   I would end up needing more than their single line offering with a second line at $30/month (USD).  Seems that might make more sense

joe a.

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