[asterisk-users] Interesting Conference Request - Can this be done ?

Bob Gibson bobg at techie.com
Mon Nov 26 13:33:30 CST 2007

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  Dovid B wrote:
  > Hi List,
  > I have a client that has an interesting request. He wants to have
  > people call in to a conference room and all be able to talk
  > however they should not hear each other. There should be admin
  > access to for one user to call in and be able to listen in to
  > everyone that is talking (they may want this admin to be able to
  > talk to).
  > Any ideas ?
  > Thanks.
  > Dovid
  WHAT? I don't get it. What good is a conference if nobody can hear
  each other? Is this to spy on offices and other locations with phones
  or something?



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