[asterisk-users] sip proxy failover

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You can use DNS SRV records to specify more than one proxy and their order of usage.



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Is it possible to failover from Outbound SIP proxyA to Outbound SIP ProxyB on the event that Outbound Sip Proxy A became unavailable - using the qualify option for sip peers - it should be possible to monitor the ping/back time, which would give us a good indication of whether a host is up and running.

I have had a look in the mailing list archives, but cant see this having been asked before?

How would someone do this in Asterisk - would this have to be done with Dialplan programming, before placing the call, it would check the most recent qualify ping time and route based on that?

As far as I am aware it is only possible to put host=xxx.xxx.com once in sip.conf

Has anyone got this to work, to have a failover outbound proxy in asterisk, which automatically fails over?

Thanks :-)

Robert McNaught 

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