[asterisk-users] OT Asterisk+HylaFAX+SpanDSP+IAXmodem tutorial.

Steve Totaro stotaro at mail.schoffstall.com
Sat Nov 24 21:23:35 CST 2007

Tilghman Lesher wrote:
> On Saturday 24 November 2007 09:53:42 Steve Totaro wrote:
>> Tilghman Lesher wrote:
>>> On Saturday 24 November 2007 00:16:11 Steve Totaro wrote:
>>>> Alex Balashov wrote:
>>>>> Asterisk 1.4 does have this ability natively.  However, it is somewhat
>>>>> limited in its flexibility / in terms of what I can do with it, and
>>>>> I have gotten reports that HylaFAX works better.  I haven't actually
>>>>> done a comparison between the two.
>>>>> Being someone who hates 1.2, I was strongly tempted to go this route,
>>>>> though.
>>>> Why would anyone hate the most stable version of Asterisk?
>>>> What is ABE using these days?  If it is not 1.4, I wonder why?  Maybe so
>>>> all the free developers and eager and silly early adopters can iron out
>>>> the bugs, submit patches and sign away their rights.  I am sure if they
>>>> are not using 1.4 it probably has something to do with reliability and
>>>> the costs of supporting that release.  Any other theories?
>>> Yeah, that version C is currently in beta and is very close to release. 
>>> ABE has to be put through its paces before release and that takes time. 
>>> I'm sorry if that seems like evidence that Digium isn't supporting 1.4,
>>> but it simply isn't true.
>> I am not implying that they do not support 1.4 but you did prove my
>> point that 1.2 is more stable and 1.4 has not been "Put through its
>> paces".  I would not recommend running a high volume call center on it.
>> Sure, if your PBX takes 50 or so calls a day, it's probably wonderful.
> How exactly did I "prove" your point?  ABE C is about to be released.  That
> says that 1.4 is indeed stable.
It proves my point because even 1.2 is not completely stable and that 
has been put through it's paces. 

I was present for the big 1.0 release, very stable, not really, more 
like a media move.  We are a real PBX now we have a version 1.0!!!.  
Windows Millennium was released, I guess according to your logic that it 
was indeed stable because is was released. 

Take it a step further, you are saying that any beta software that is 
about to be released means it's stable. 

Please think logically about what you just said.... 
>> If you have a 15,000 average call volume a day and 400+ agents, hmmmmm,
>> I think 1.2 might be a little wiser choice.  Just personal notes from
>> the trenches, not from the media machines or talking heads.
> I, too, work from the trenches, and I resent your implication
I was not aware I was making any implications, just stating my thoughts 
and observations on large scale implementations (trenches) where twice 
the average American's annual salary is lost with one hour of downtime.  
If there is any resentment, it is in your mind and self reflection may 
be wise as I was not trying to call you a "media machine" or a "talking 
head", but you may have felt the shoe fit possibly?  I don't know, only 
you do.


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