[asterisk-users] Calling with hidden callerid

Mike list at virtutel.ca
Fri Nov 23 07:17:22 CST 2007

> Anyway, setcallerpres has the disadvantage for SIP that the 
> number is not sent at all. This means that the upstream 
> provider cannot give the number to emergency services.
> In the regular phone network, CallerID is always sent, but 
> showing it is suppressed just before it reaches the final 
> destination -- unless the destination happens to be e.g. 
> emergency services. SIP does not have a standard way to 
> achieve this. We encode the information in the caller name, 
> but it would probably be better to use a custom SIP header.
> setcallerpres works very nicely for PRI lines though, it 
> sends the CallerID but suppresses showing it. Precisely what 
> is needed for emergency services.

Thanks Benny, that's great info that I didn't think of.  So we want to send
the number out, but notify our provider that it shoud be hidden unless it's
a call to 911 or something.

What we have is a SIP connection, not a PRI, is there anyway to do something
like that with SIP?  Would that be provider-specific?


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