[asterisk-users] Aastra 480i CT - No Incoming Calls

Michelle Dupuis support at ocg.ca
Wed Nov 21 18:10:59 CST 2007

There is a bug in the 480 firmware where if the callerid of the incoming
call is malformed (or basically the Aastra doesn't like, for example have a
# sign in the number), the phone won't ring.


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> I just bought an Aastra 480i CT for a client who needed 
> cordless capabilities in their office.  I'm trying to set up 
> the base station and cordless handset in my office first.  
> I'm able to connect the phone to my Asterisk box and make 
> outgoing calls from either the base station or the handset - 
> to extensions within my office as well as numbers outside the 
> network.  But I can't receive calls on either the base 
> station or the handset.  All of the calls go strait to voice mail.
> I've never had this problem with the phones I use in my 
> office - Linksys SPA942.  What am I doing wrong?
> Thanks,
> Danny
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