[asterisk-users] ACD functionality , Skills for agents

Kyriakos kyriakos at otenettel.com
Tue Nov 20 09:16:30 CST 2007

Hi all,

  I have a question regarding ACD for queues.   What happens when I have 2
or more queues with same weight and  each queue has a call in?  How will it
decide which call will be routed to the next available agent? Will it take
the call with the longest waiting time in queue?  If not how would I do

Also can someone point me to resources for making a single queue with
customer calls tagged with agent skills? What I mean is instead of having
multiple queues Sales,Tech support, etc,  have only a single queue with
calls being tagged according to the customer's choice from IVR, so if a
customer would choose SALES , the call would go into the queue with other
calls but it would only be answered from agents with the skill "SALES".
This is something offered in other PBX systems like Avaya but im pretty sure
it can be done on Asterisk, right?



Kyriakos Mavromichalis




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