[asterisk-users] problem with tdm2400p configuration

Tzafrir Cohen tzafrir.cohen at xorcom.com
Sat Nov 17 22:46:18 CST 2007

On Sun, Nov 18, 2007 at 10:46:57AM +0800, Mark Quitoriano wrote:
> Hi i have a tdm2400p and installed asterisk 1.4.11 with zaptel 1.4.5
> im having an error message when in running asterisk with the tdm card
> in.
> here's the error from the console of asterisk:
> [Nov 18 10:30:44] ERROR[5557]: chan_zap.c:7489 mkintf: Unable to get
> span status: Inappropriate ioctl for device
> [Nov 18 10:30:44] ERROR[5557]: chan_zap.c:10466 build_channels: Unable
> to register channel '1-24'

What is the line just above this? It should tell you the exact number of
the channel where the problem was.

What is the output of:

cat /proc/zaptel/*

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