[asterisk-users] Building and running mISDN for B410P on Ubuntu 7.04

asterisk-users at rogg.is asterisk-users at rogg.is
Sat Nov 17 15:28:34 CST 2007


Using Asterisk 1.4.13 running on Ubuntu 7.04 with Intel CPU:

1) Not being able to build mISDN on Ubuntu using "make b410p" I have used
mISDN-1_1_7 which seems to work ok. QUESTION: Should I expect this version
of mISDN to work ok with these cards? Or is there a way to build using "make
b410P" on Ubuntu? (make force does not help at all)

2) In some of our installations I'm getting stutter in the sound stream
every two seconds or so (just under). I've tried to track this down to
configuration but not been successful in spotting what the problem might be.
Should I look for things like poll or dsp_poll values or does anyone have
any suggestions that may help in pinning this? Btw, the setup is two B410P's
in one machine, four ports in NT mode and four in TE mode. Feeding three
ISDN BRI's into the system and three out again:

PSTN <-> NT box <-> B410P port in TE mode <-> Asterisk <-> B410P port in NT
mode <-> PBX

Thank you for your time and effort!


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