[asterisk-users] chan_ss7 0.10

marek cervenka cervajs at fpf.slu.cz
Sat Nov 17 09:19:16 CST 2007


i made tarball with some ss7 patches from www.voip-info.org and other 
places and put this at http://www.freevoice.cz/chan_ss7-0.10.tgz

Sifira is not in active development anymore :( (but they made good 
work! thanks)

from Changelog
New in version 0.10 (community version)
- port to asterisk 1.4.14 (http://br.geocities.com/bruno_agostinho/)
- added E prefix for emergency calls (www.tvtrinec.cz)
- some stability fixes (www.tvtrinec.cz)
- sangoma&zaptel example config
- RBT (?)
- autoPC+uptime+watermark+stats (www.ss7.pl)
- cic block/unblock fix (tomasz.paszkowski at ctinf.pl)
- local/remote hangup info in NOTICE (cervajs at freevoice.cz)

please test and report

Marek Cervenka

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