[asterisk-users] Dialing time-out

Jim Houser jhouser at trustamerifirst.com
Thu Nov 15 10:37:40 CST 2007

  Ok, probably a dumb question.  I believe I already I know the answer, but
thought I would get feedback from others.

  One of the issues with user devices at the end Asterisk is dialing time
out.  This is a parameter within each hardware device.  So if I set it to 3
seconds it appears from the moment after going off hook any key press starts
a timer allowing me 3 seconds to enter the next number before Asterisk times
out and generically says "I'm am sorry that is not a valid extension".  

  Now this is ok, of sorts.  The fault in this is when you dial a valid
number you are stuck waiting 3 seconds for the system to out pulse and
connect.  This clearly separates Asterisk from the traditional TDM platform
behavior where a time out can be REAL LONG allowed people to dial at a
snail's rate without upsetting the phone system but then immediately out
pulsing when a number match is met, regardless if the number match is a 4
digit extension or 7 digit phone number.

  Is this one of the reasons and purposes Asterisk has a "real-time" option?


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