[asterisk-users] Asterisk ignoring manager events when busy

Nick Adams gmane at narkov.com
Wed Nov 14 04:54:24 CST 2007


I currently have a pretty standard 1.2.21 Asterisk system running purely
SIP termination (no zap/IAX/H323..etc).

We have an auto-dialing system that generates calls via the manager API.

The system runs beautifully until it gets to about 200 calls. I can
generate these calls in quite literally seconds if desired (or minutes).

The kicker: I can't seem to get past this 200 call point even though the
system is/seems very idle. Low CPU utilisation (~40%), plenty of RAM,
close to zero disk usage (I/O Wait ~2%), bandwidth is plentiful (1Gbit)
and the current calls are crystal clear.

I get the feeling Asterisk is ignoring or dumping manager events. We
watch for the "Success" from the originate command and it comes if there
is less than roughly 200 calls but is unreliable after that.

I could understand if this was happening at 100% cpu but not at the
under-utilised state the box is at.

Any hints?



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